Research Journal from L'École de design Nantes Atlantique


What exactly is CADI?

All higher education design institutions seem to be concerned with the same central question: which skills and practices are essential in training future designers and what type of knowledge results from this type of transmission? This question is the bedrock for the policy of research in design advocated by L’École de design Nantes Atlantique: a pragmatic approach resolutely rooted in the cultural, scientific and economic contexts.

“CADI”, the research journal published by L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, is both a medium to share the reflections and knowledge currently produced within our institution, and a means to bear witness to the diversity and quality of the scientific contributions required for design projects to come to life.

This blog complements the printed version first released in 2008. It is a constantly updated collection of  unpublished essays, interviews and readers’ reports about design practice and education. It is a showcase of the reflections we’re driven by.

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Enjoy your reading!

F. Degouzon & J. Le Bœuf