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10 January 2014   Transcultural design

A framework for teaching Design for Social Impact


With the amount of problems faced today, it is a well-known fact by now that the world needs more designers. But even the existing designers do not know how to go about addressing these problems; as the notion of Social Design is a challenging one. With this growing need and interest and in the domains, there is a responsibility that designers have towards the society. This paper proposes a framework that could be used to teach Social Design as a part of the offerings of a Design course in Product Design or Service Design or independently. The example taken to illustrate the framework is a work in progress.

Author Keywords

Social Design; Wicked Problems; System Design; Methodology; Frameworks; Service Design; Design Education

Kshitiz Anand, Dean & Director

LÉcole de design Nantes Atlantique (India campus)

Jean Haag, Masters Student, Transcultural Design

LÉcole de design Nantes Atlantique

(India Campus)

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Tags: Transcultural design