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2 April 2010   Interviews   tangible interfaces

“If you don’t give thought to design, users will not take to the technical tools you’ve created.”

Interview with Thomas Bottini, researcher in computer science for music

“Knowledge Transfer(s): the interviews

Since 2008, CADI has investigated the field of knowledge transfer by interviewing experts who agreed to supervize fifth-year students in carrying out their final degree projects. This is an effort to build up a corpus of testimonies to come to a better understanding of the collaborative and representative methods resorted to by innovation and creation players, taking into account economic, cultural and evrironmental trends. In March 2010, we evolved the print issues into an electronic…

Thomas Bottini holds a degree in computer engineering from the Technological University of Compiègne (France). In parallel to his engineering training, he studied  human sciences and the philosophy of  artistic creation-related content. His current research into  creating tools for the  advanced reading and writing  of multimedia documents  demonstrates his keen interest in studying the relationship  between digital technology and artistic creation. To further study this link, he has worked in collaboration with musicologists from the IRCAM (French institute of research and musical/acoustic coordination) to develop as a cross-disciplinary team a multimedia environment dedicated to musical analysis. In 2006 he created a tool to help organize musical analysis in tables (Musique Lab Annotation).

MUE - Auréien Pasquier's final degree project carried out with the help of Thomas Bottini, 2008-2009

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