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23 April 2011   Publications

CADI #2 “Co-Creation” is out

How is it that a project-based activity resembling more a practice than a science and founded on empirical case studies manages to generate knowledge? How can research in design and research efforts on design conducted by scholars in other disciplines enrich each other? The current issue of CADI, our research journal, settles into the continuity of these reflections via three contributions pertaining to the topic of crossdisciplining.

CADI #2 Co creation issue

Three complementary approaches from theory to practice… and vice versa

Jocelyne Le Bœuf*, Design Historian, sheds light on her specialty by referencing the major thought movements of which hers has become a part over history. She also addresses the current multidisciplinary research trends, and delves deeper into the role that design history plays not only in understanding our material environment, but also in designer practices.

Gilles Rougon, Design Manager at Électricité de France (EDF), elaborates upon design transversality within a company where the primary product is immaterial.

Eloi Le Mouël, Sociologist within the design department of the RATP (Paris City Transit Authority), underlines during an interview the similarities and differences between an anthropological approach with regard to “mobility flows” and the design project practice from his standpoint as a researcher in the field of social science.

*J. Le Bœuf is also Director of Studies at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

The last printed edition… for a better visibility online

This issue will be a crucial step in the history of our research journal: it will be the last printed edition. From now on, essays, articles and interviews will be available online on this blog, with a fully bilingual content.

Read CADI Research Journal #2 on Scribd or download CADI in PDF format from our main corporate website.

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