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2 April 2010   Interviews   new eating habits

“Meals are extremely significant moments in forming a family’s values.”

Interview with Jean-Jacques Boutaud, semiotician

Since 2008, CADI has investigated the field of knowledge transfer by interviewing experts who agreed to supervize fifth-year students in carrying out their final degree projects. This is an effort to build up a corpus of testimonies to come to a better understanding of the collaborative and representative methods resorted to by innovation and creation players, taking into account economic, cultural and evrironmental trends. In March 2010, we evolved the print issues into an electronic…

Jean-Jacques Boutaud teaches Communications at the University of Burgundy and is an expert in semiology and semiotics. He is particularly interested in the art of dining and has written a series of books exploring the link between semiotics and communication. He is in charge of a research laboratory dedicated to communication within the sensible universe, and his team focuses on documenting topics such as image, mediation and the notion of sensibility in information and communication-oriented initiatives (LIMSIC).

1001 saveurs - final degree project by Morgane Bily, carried out with the help of Jean-Jacques Boutaud, 2008-2009

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